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The Old Year

Sunset at 34,000 Feet

(Updated - I knew that I had forgotten a couple of talks...)

I've spent the last week or so just... sleeping. Relaxing. Not thinking. Trying to get myself rested and ready for what looks to be another heavy year.

2009 ended on quite a high note, with my selection by Foreign Policy magazine as one of their "Top 100 Global Thinkers for 2009," and my being honored by the Institute for the Future as their second "Research Fellow," something that was previously bestowed upon Howard Rheingold -- so that's terrific company to be in.

My work at IFTF continued unabated, focusing primarily upon sustainability futures and their annual "Ten Year Forecast" program, but being pulled in on everything from food futures to global health to the future of construction equipment.

Here's what the rest of 2009 looked like for me:


Pasadena, London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Sydney, Atlanta, Toronto, New York, Chicago, Vienna, Chicago, Irvine, Chicago.


February: Published Hacking the Earth
March: Column for Fast Company.com starts
April: Article in Foreign Policy
June: Wall Street Journal article
June: Big Atlantic Monthly article
July: Appeared on two episodes of History Channel's That's Impossible
October: Second Atlantic Monthly article

Public Talks

February: Future: To Go at the Art Center College Sustainable Mobility Summit.
March: Cascio's Laws of Robotics at the Menlo Park AI Meetup.
June: Hacking the Earth at Futuresonic.
June: Mobile Intelligence at Mobile Monday Amsterdam.
June: ReMaking Tomorrow at AMPlify09.
October: If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want to be Part of Your Singularity at New York Future Salon.
November: The Next Ten Years at Futurespace Vienna.
December: Biopolitics of Popular Culture closing talk.


March: NPR/Day to Day
April: CBC/Spark
April: New Hampshire Public Radio
May: Freedom Lab Amsterdam (last on page)
May: AMP Sydney
July: Tactical Transparency
July: Wisconsin Public Radio/Kathleen Dunn
August: Slate (video)
September: CBC/Q
October: /Message (video)
November: Public Radio International/On the Media

Here's hoping that your 2010 is less exhausting than mine will be!

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