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Cascio's Laws of Robotics: The Motion Picture

Last March, I gave a talk in Menlo Park entitled "Cascio's Laws of Robotics." I've already posted a link to the slides I used, and to essays and interviews covering related topics. Now -- finally -- the video of the talk is available.

It was shot in HD, and looks pretty good if you make it full-screen. It runs just under 70 minutes, but is -- if I do say so myself -- a fairly interesting talk.

Thanks to Monica Anderson for organizing the event, and for the terrific job she did editing the video.


Great talk. I like your focus on precise terms. I certainly hope that Sing. U. will have a program devoted to training people to be effective communicators between the scientists/engineers and the public. You could teach it. There needs to be more generalist communicators like yourself talking about all this. I believe that better communication would result in more understanding, more funding and closer scrutiny from the general public.

Good talk. On empathy for AI, I'm surprised that you didn't mention videogames. One of the major uses for such AI as we have is to animate digital targets who are intended to have brief, horrific lives.

Interesting thought on empathy of the general public to obviously non-sapient robots.

I suspect that this may be another way that increases the gap between scientists/engineers/programmers and the general public. Those that understand it is a dumb tool are more likely to treat it "badly" than the general public and therefore likely to be seen as sociopathic.

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