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That's Impossible: Real Terminators

Okay, managed to put together a collection of the scenes I'm in from the July 14 "That's Impossible" episode.

Jamais Cascio segments from That's Impossible: Real Terminators
from Jamais Cascio on Vimeo.

I don't believe I will be in this coming week's episode (on weather warfare -- it's not that I wouldn't have had anything to say, we just couldn't work out the logistics of an interview), but I should be in the subsequent week's episode on longevity.

(It's probably just me, but I could swear that the image shown above as the video screen looks like I'm about to grab a big cheeseburger.)


I am not too worried about the first "kill decision" that goes wrong. That will probably just end with the robot powering down or some such. Bad juju but no existential threat unless we are _really_ unlucky. I am more worried about the second system effect .

I half expected you to pull out Cascio's Laws of Robotics.

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