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Catching Up

Okay, folks, for the handful of you still following (and the subset thereof who may be interested -- hi Mom!), here's a set of links to recent video and audio interviews.

  • Hour-long interview for Wisconsin Public Radio, on Geoengineering:

  • 40-minute interview for BlogTalkRadio "Tactical Transparency" show, on Augmented Reality (note: will auto-play at that link):

  • My appearance on last week's "That's Impossible!" amounted to little more than 45 seconds. For those of you who missed it, but want to see it (hi Mom!), here it is:

    (I expect to have a bit more visibility in tomorrow night's show about military robotics.)

  • Finally, three more links from the Freedom Lab interview from last month; these three segments (each running under three minutes) articulate three important ideas I work with all the time:

    The videos themselves can be found in the extended entry.

  • Foresight as Society's Immune System

    Technology is Political

    Nature is No Longer Natural

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