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CRUSH ALL HU-MANS (aka, the Robot Economy)

The Huffington Post, a well-known news/blogging site, has just started a new thing: HuffPost Live, a 12 hour/day streaming video program. It seems to cover a fairly wide array of topics, but with the kind of pop-politics, pop-technology slant found on the main site. With in-person hosts, video chats via Google Hangout, and abundant viewer commentary, it seems to live comfortably in that interzone between niche cable channel and YouTube. Of course, the reason I know about this is because I was asked yesterday morning to appear on a 20 minute segment last evening. The topic? Robots taking our jobs!

Unfortunately, HuffPost Live doesn't seem to allow embedding their videos, so if you're interested you'll have to follow this link.

The conversation was better than I expected, and I got a chance to bring up the "pink collar future" idea that I've been exploring of late. My fellow talking heads, "Buster Brown" and Wayne Caswell, offered good alternative perspectives, and the discussion occasionally got lively. The format, however, left a bit to be desired -- Google Hangout video seems to do a lousy job of synchronizing audio and video feeds. This made my usual discussion mode of jazz hands and hyperactivity even more distracting than usual (one commenter wished that he could break my arms to stop me), but I offer no apologies. Regardless, it's clear that this is a topic needing greater discussion; as the HPL folks said that they found me engaging, I may be back...

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