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A Dilemma

Is something still meaningful and true, even when it's been turned into a marketing slogan?

(Spotted in London, in the window of a brand marketing agency.)


Wait - marketing slogans aren't by default meaningful and true? Damn - Maybe I should think different about just doing it.

Haven't I heard this before, somewhere?
Whatever--it still applies, right? I mean, do I have to change my tattoo now that it's a slogan?

A slogan is a speech act, and not a proposition, and thus might not be properly said to be true or false. However, the overall pragmatics of the statement is, as ever, context-sensitive, as is as true as you can still make it to yourself.

I wonder if they know that if it had the proper line breaks and "it's" is changed to "it is", the whole becomes a 5-7-5 haiku?

Well, it's not true. We do enter the future - try not to. The only question is what we're creating while we enter it.

Not to be overlooked are the new Nike ads for the World Cup, "Write the Future". They are oddly prophetic in some ways:


If you enter the future, can you leave again?

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