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In case it's not already apparent, I'm on a blogging break at the moment, while I work on some big projects.

Yes, including a book.

In the meantime, I've gone ahead and shut off comments for now, as an overwhelming majority of the incoming comments are just attempts at spam. As I hand-approve every comment that goes up, none of that spam has gotten through. My spam-blocking is mighty.

If any interesting talk videos or TV stuff rolls around, I'll post, so don't take me off your RSS list. And I will get back to blogging in the weeks or months to come.


Email still works, and if you can't stand to be without my textual voice, I'm on Twitter as @cascio.

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All comments go through moderation, so if it doesn't show up immediately, I'm not available to click the "okiedoke" button. Comments telling me that global warming isn't real, that evolution isn't real, that I really need to follow [insert religion here], that the world is flat, or similar bits of inanity are more likely to be deleted than approved. Yes, it's unfair. Deal. It's my blog, I make the rules, and I really don't have time to hand-hold people unwilling to face reality.


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