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Hey, Look

I was asked awhile back to put up a list of my favorite pieces; I've finally gotten around to doing so (and, in the course of the clean-up, making some long-planned modifications to the layout of the OtF home page).

However, I am well aware that what I found most interesting or fun to write may not match with what other folks particularly liked.

So -- what's wrong with the list? Is there a piece that you're just stunned I didn't include? Is there an item that you're baffled as to why I thought it was worth reading in the first place?

Tell me.


Not sure if it's a Best Of, but I thought the Cars as Lego post was kind of cool, and also connected some disparate ideas pretty well. I get that the future isn't a matter of just swapping today's X for tomorrow's X+ (as Alex Steffen might critique it), but I thought that post covered the way it would change the various interactions around the car object too.

This is a great collection, Jamais. May I suggest adding "The Kaya Identity and the Conservation Bomb"? It's a solid piece of workmanlike writing, and the topic is much more profound and powerful than most people realize.

You wrote a piece, whether here or elsewhere I can't remember, where you talked about nuclear power, and how its massively centralized nature was a problem. Maybe not one of your best posts – there are so many excellent ones - but certainly a thought-provoking one. I would love to find it again.

Your Futures Thinking series for Fast Company was the best intro to the subject I've read. For you it may have just been review, but I found it a great start.

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