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Exit the Machine

Cameron Reilly, voice of "G'Day World," on Australia's Podcast Network, listened to "The Chorus" -- the scenario I had constructed for the Futurist's Sandbox panel at SXSW -- and was thoroughly disturbed by the story it told. Disturbed enough, it...

SXSW Interactive Panels

Had both of my South-by-Southwest Interactive panels today, "Visualizing Sustainability" and "Futurists' Sandbox: Scenarios for Social Media, 2025." The sustainability panel offered a traditional panel format, and went reasonably well. One of the attendees, Michael Gomez of Green Interfaces, recorded...

Waking Up in Austin

My travel from Wisconsin to Texas went with fewer than expected hitches, and I'm now camped out at Jon Lebkowsky's flat in Austin, here for South by Southwest Interactive. I head back home on Wednesday, and thankfully have few travel...

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