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SXSW Interactive Panels

chorus.pngHad both of my South-by-Southwest Interactive panels today, "Visualizing Sustainability" and "Futurists' Sandbox: Scenarios for Social Media, 2025."

The sustainability panel offered a traditional panel format, and went reasonably well. One of the attendees, Michael Gomez of Green Interfaces, recorded the session with his laptop, and the recording is of surprisingly good quality. Listen to it here (29MB MP3).

The futurists' panel was... weird.

No, scratch that. It was freaking bizarre.

When the recordings and such become available, you'll be able to see for yourself, but just check out the comments on Twitter from people talking about the session: as many people loving it as hating it.

As I ended up pre-recording my part of the event, you can download it and give it a listen (6.4MB MP3). Remember, it was arguably the least weird of the bunch.


The message from the chorus was actually brilliant, Jamais! Wish I'd been there in person...

Kind of reminded me of "The Voluntary State", by Christopher Rowe.


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