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Waking Up in Austin

My travel from Wisconsin to Texas went with fewer than expected hitches, and I'm now camped out at Jon Lebkowsky's flat in Austin, here for South by Southwest Interactive. I head back home on Wednesday, and thankfully have few travel plans for awhile thereafter.


For those of you attending SXSWi wanting to say hi, you can be certain to find me at my two panels:

Visualizing Sustainability, Tuesday March 11, 11:30-12:30, Room 9

How can we visualize the city of the future and create more interactive steps that lead to sustainability? How can we use technical simulations and games to build understanding of the resource-balanced world? What's the connection between an emerging Global Sustainable Society and video games?

Panelists: Jon Lebkowsky, Dawn Danby, Pliny Fisk, Joel Greenberg, me

Futurists' Sandbox: Scenarios for Social Technologies in 2025, Tuesday March 11, 5-6, Room B

What futures emerge when everything is hyperlocal and the boundaries between what is real and virtual disappear? Will our current social media tools lead us to a participatory panopticon? Take a futurists' tour of emerging social technologies and tap into the collective genius of fellow SXSWers. In this session we'll present four possible scenarios about social technologies in the year 2025 and ask the audience to join us - and each other - in an interactive deep dive to explore the implications of each for the present and the future. Get out of your seat and into the future!

Panelists: Michele Bowman, Jake Dunagan, Stuart Candy, Wayne Pethrick, me

You'll notice two things -- that both of my panels are on the last day, and that my "Core Conversation" on the Participatory Panopticon is nowhere to be found. It turns out that being on two panels bends the rules, so being on three (even if the third was just a poster session) just isn't going to happen. Being that it was easier to replace a poster session than a panelist, bye-bye to the PartiPan.

I'll be posting photos from the trip to my Flickr feed, and updates to my Twitter feed -- and will work in some more considered posts here.

Oh, and I'm doing much better today. Still have a cough of doom, but it sounds worse than it feels.


Say hi to Pliny Fisk. Should be interesting panels and good times around the kitchen table with Mr Lebkowsky.

As little pain as possible and a swift recovery.


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