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Turning the Body Against Itself

Is the most effective form of warfare akin to an auto-immune disease? System disruption, attacks upon infrastructure and the other basic networks allowing a society to function, is a core goal of the "open source warfare" model. Not system destruction...

Open Source with a Bullet: John Robb's Brave New War

The U.S. is Microsoft. Al Qaeda is Linux. That, at least, is the grossly-oversimplified version of John Robb's new book, Brave New War. Such a parallel has nothing to do with politics, but with position. The United States, and other...

Must-Know Concepts for the 21st Century

My colleague at IEET, George Dvorsky, posted a list of concept about the future that he sees as vital for people who consider themselves to be intelligent to know and understand. His goal is admirable: too much of what passes...

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