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Magna Cortica talk at TEDx Marin

(brushes away cobwebs, wipes dust off of screen, sits quietly for a moment and wonders what happened...)

Screen Shot 2014 11 04 at 6 13 30 AM

The video of my TEDx talk on the ethics of cognitive augmentation is now up, and you can view it at the TEDx Marin website.

(It's also on YouTube directly, but for the time being I'm doing as asked and pointing people to the TEDx Marin website.)

A few notes:

Most importantly: This talk is based on the work I did for the Institute for the Future's 2014 Ten-Year Forecast. Of all of the things I would like to change about this talk, calling this out explicitly is at the top of the list.

I don't actually speak as fast as I seem to at the outset of the talk; I believe that the editor elided some early "um"/"ah"/word repetitions, resulting in what sounds like I was going WAY too fast.

Most of my usual gestures are on display, but I do think I managed to tone them down a bit.

Unfortunately, I'm still pacing back and forth like a caged carnivore.

There's one thing I do repeatedly throughout the talk, and I don't know why. I'm not going to tell you what it is, because I may just be hypersensitive to it.

So there.

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