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Berlin Videos

IsthereafuturistinthehouseThe Climate Engineering Conference 2014 in Berlin has uploaded the videos of all plenary sessions, available here. (http://www.ce-conference.org/conference-videos)

The Berlin Museum talk I posted below can be listened to here:

Climate Engineering and the Meaning of Nature (Jamais Cascio)

(I had just finished writing the talk -- I scripted it to stay within a very strict time limit -- so I spend more time than I should looking down. Better to listen to than to watch, I think.)

My brief digression on the nature of futurism in the context of thinking about the environment (a last bit of the last plenary meeting) can be found here:

What Future for Climate Engineering? (Jamais Cascio)

Finally, I was asked to moderate a panel on the challenges of writing about climate engineering:

The Writer's Role: Reflections on Communicating Climate Engineering to the Public

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