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Interview: Los Angeles and the Green Future

Earlier this year, the Dutch TV documentary group VPRO Tegenlicht ("Backlight") interviewed me for a program they were doing on the future of Los Angeles. It was a wide-ranging discussion, and a sometimes surreal afternoon (e.g., walking up and down Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood, a camera operator circling around me, being told "look as if you're thinking about The Future").

Unfortunately, the documentary production ended up going in a very different direction, and my interview ended up on the cutting room floor. The Backlight producers found it interesting enough, however, to want to make it public. It will eventually end up on the "Extra Video" page at Tegenlicht, but (as it's Creative Commons licensed) I've gone ahead and made it available here.

Interview: Los Angeles, Green Futures, and More from Jamais Cascio on Vimeo.

It runs a bit over 15 minutes. It's a fairly rough edit, with no transitions between cuts.

It's also (obviously) in black & white; I don't know whether the one you'll see at the Tegenlicht site will be in color, but it probably will be. The original version had a bright greenscreen behind me, and the glaring color gave my face a weird shade, so I went ahead and converted it to black & white. It's not because I didn't want any weird "greenscreen challenge" videos floating around out there -- honest! As I have apparently lost all sense of shame, and don't really care if you do want to make me look sillier, if the VPRO Tegenlicht website puts up the greenscreen version, I'll link to it here.

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