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Survive This

On Thursday, October 21, CBC TV will show Surviving the Future, an hour-long documentary on both the major challenges facing us over the next half-century and the amazing technologies and social shifts underway to meet those challenges. Directed by the award-winning documentarian Marc de Guerre, Surviving the Future is a rather intense piece of work, with interviews with a variety of scientists, writers, and other thinkers. They also talk to me. The trailer can be found here.

While CBC documentaries often end up on the "CBC Doc Zone" website weeks or months later, I know that some of you (hi Mom!) might want to hear what I have to say sooner than that. Since the producers were nice enough to send me a DVD ahead of time, I've managed to pull out the bits in which I appear.

Surviving the Future: Jamais Cascio excerpts on Vimeo.

A pleasant surprise: my stuff adds up to just about 5 minutes, out of the (commercials-subtracted) 43 minutes of the documentary.

My rolling conquest of Canada continues!

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