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Doom & Gloom

IEET's Mike Treder interviewed me on Bloggingheads.TV this week, and the video is now available. It runs about 45 minutes.

Egad, it's depressing. Sorry about that.

First time I've done one of these, and something that leapt out at me was that I can't seem to sit still. So, question for the viewers -- should I try to make a point of keeping still during something like this, or is being more "animated" a good thing?


I vote for animated. When you sat still I thought the picture had stopped, you didn't even blink. I like your laugh.

You do very well and I am in sync with your style, but you need sharper, shorter 'gimmicky' 'brucean' lingo and talking points (pause), then explain. Try more 'understated' jokes, to change your inflection and tone. Make occasional *connections*.

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