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Understanding Geoengineering

While in Amsterdam, I had the pleasure of meeting with the group FreedomLab. They interviewed me on a series of topics, including geoengineering; a DVD of the interview will be available in the next few weeks. In the meantime, in connection with Monday's publication of my piece on geoengineering for the Wall Street Journal, they've sent me some of the clips where I talk about the subject.

Here's the first, What is Geoengineering?:

What is Geoengineering? from Jamais Cascio on Vimeo.

Four more videos -- The Geoengineering Dilemma, The Political Aspects of Geoengineering, Catastrophe or Radical Action?, and The Anthropocene and Human Responsibility -- below the fold.

As always, feedback is more than welcome.

The Geoengineering Dilemma

The Geoengineering Dilemma from Jamais Cascio on Vimeo.

The Political Aspects of Geoengineering

The Political Aspects of Geoengineering from Jamais Cascio on Vimeo.

Catastrophe or Radical Action?

Catastrophe or Radical Action? from Jamais Cascio on Vimeo.

The Anthropocene and Human Responsibility

The Anthropocene and Human Responsibility from Jamais Cascio on Vimeo.


You make the points well.

Don't be afraid to introduce and use terms like "albedo", people will be able to google it more readily for more info.

Depending on audience, I would not use things like reduced solar power efficiency as a drawback to the sulfate option. Solar power is still a pipe dream on a large scale, despite what we may want. I would simply state that there are drawbacks, and the ozone one is a sufficient example.

Brief example/description of unintended consequences might be good.

Overall very clear and well put. Hands very very animated :)

I got smacked for using "albedo" in a different public discussion of geo, so I"m cautious.

Less-inclined to say solar's a pipe dream on a large scale, especially with the installations underway. But since it's not all solar, just concentrated solar, it's probably better to drop the topic.

Yeah, hands.

Thanks Jamais, this is a really helpful series of videos.

Looking forward to the WSJ piece on Monday.

Yeah, if you can explain geological time taxonomies, you can explain albedo effects.

23 Rotations of the Futures Kata. Avoided the claw/Emperor Palpatine pose though.

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