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Mobile Monday

The presentation went well. There should be a couple of videos available shortly -- the official one, and one recorded by Howard Rheingold.

Here are the slides for my talk. This is the raw Slideshare version, with a few minor flaws; I'll have to tweak the Keynote document to make a smoother conversion.

A few other shots of my talk:

(Update: moved to the extended entry)

As always, comments welcome.

(Photos by Anne Helmond, Mark A.M. Kramer, jkivit, and mathysva respectively)


Do you ever do these presentations at large multinational corporations say invovled in mobile tech development?
are you in toronto anytime soon?




Hi Jamais- looking forward to your opening address that will be setting the scene for CONVERGENCE and EMERGENCE- the theme of AMPLIFY09 at AMP in Sydney next week! Can't think of anyone else as capable as you in both breadth and depth of perspective- we are truly honoured.

I loved the talk. I enjoyed the discussion of AR within the context of the whole world. I'm in the final editing stages of a sci-fi novel dealing with the convergance of climate change and augmented reality. It's a topic I've thought alot about and its nice to see other views. I also run an AR blog, though mostly it deals with the nuts-and-bolts of the technology and not the broader issue. Again, thanks for the great talk, it sparked some ideas for book two and three of the trilogy.

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