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Hacking the Earth -- Now at Amazon, and on Kindle!

My publish-on-demand book on geoengineering, Hacking the Earth, has been picked up on Amazon.com. This is happy-making for a couple of reasons. The first is that this means people who have heard about the book and go looking for it on the world's biggest online bookseller (what a crazy idea) now will find it. The second is that it means that I could do a Kindle version quite easily. So here you go:

Hacking the Earth in print at Amazon.

Hacking the Earth for the Kindle.

Note that the Amazon print price is a bit higher than the Lulu direct price. However, Amazon shipping is cheaper, so it more-or-less balances out.


Which Lulu publishing package did you use ? Did you use any pre-publishing services for formatting or editing that you would recommend?

What was your approach to charts, graphics and pictures within the book to avoid copyright issues ?


Thanks for pointing that out - I just bought it for the Kindle...


I just did the basic package.

I use iWork Pages (Mac-only) to do the layout, then "printed" to a Postscript file to make sure that the final result was identical to my design.

The only charts/graphics in the book were of my own creation.

Hi Jamais,

I'm using a Mac and Pages for my upcoming book. Could you give a little bit more info about your book, such as what size is it? How many pages? What issues did you have printing with Lulu.com? I have my book at 6x9 and they are "changing the format" of my book. Any thoughts?


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