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Heckling the Earth

So my keynote at Futuresonic 2009 went reasonably well, with two big caveats: my voice is still weak from the cold I've been fighting, so my infamously Vader-esque presentation baritone wasn't on display; and I had a heckler.

A drunken, global warming-denying, belligerent heckler.

Here's an audio clip that gives a little flavor of the evening:


I look forward to seeing what the video recording of the event shows...


Sorry it happened, but when you have a heckler, you know you've arrived.

Those denialists make the effort to drag themselves out of their lazyboy chairs into the real world and actually do stuff and talk?

Cant be more than what, a few dozen of those? ... or is this in any way organized...? Shouldn't we send the police after global warming deniers? Sounds like a small but dangerous minority. These people should be kept under surveillance.

Wow you got a heckler! Great!

At least someone was paying attention. A heckler at a keynote is a sure sign of a great presentation. Some guys would kill for a heckle like that.

So how about posting the slides man? We all want to see what the big fuss was about!

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