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Hacking the Earth Slides

Here are the slides I used for the Futuresonic 2009 keynote. I made the slides somewhat provocative in tone, but tempered the argument in my spoken presentation.

Feedback always welcome.


And you still are not officially for geoengineering?!

As I noted, I took an intentionally provocative position for the talk.

That said, I'm leaning more and more to the position that we will need to undertake some large-scale geoengineering, and probably sooner than we'd like. It's not a *good* idea so much as a *less-bad* idea.

I don't see anything especially provocative there. I see the basic framework of the geoengineering mind, justifying some large-scale.

I'd say we as a species lack the fundamental understanding to evaluate whether this is a good or less-bad idea. As Aldo Leopold wrote, the first prerequisite of intelligent tinkering is keeping all of the parts. On a pure biodiversity scorecard (which biodiversity is not), we only know about 1.8 of an estimated 10 to 100 million species. Nevermind how they interact with the underlying physical template.

Consequently, we have no way to assess the likely nonlinear consequences, i.e., we don't know what we don't know.


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