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TED Talk, 2006

So, yeah. My talk from TED 2006 is now up on the TED site. (There's a higher-res downloadable MP4 version, as well.) The subject matter is ostensibly Worldchanging, but I use the platform to talk about the environmental participatory panopticon concept, too.

gorewatches2.pngIt's an interesting historical artifact. It was the first big presentation I'd ever given, and I had to give it in front of a thousand people, including some fairly high-profile folks. I was incredibly nervous, and it shows (I really needed to stop leaning on the little podium, and would somebody please give me a glass of water!). Moreover, I read the talk, rather than just speak extemporaneously, in part because the time limit was drilled into my head, but mostly because I didn't have the confidence that I'd be able to carry off the presentation without a script. I don't do that any more.

As exciting as it was to have a chance to speak at TED, I almost feel sad about it now. Not because it was a thrown-into-the-deep-end introduction to giving big talks to big audiences -- on balance, given the situation, I did okay -- but TED generally only has a given speaker show up once. From what I'm told, I give much more engaged, engaging, presentations these days, and I have a lot more interesting things to say -- it's just too bad I won't have a chance to do so on the TED stage.


Thanks for pointing out your flaws. You know, I probably would not have noticed them if you didn't say anything.

Still, a great talk!

Hope all is well.

Jamais, you were interesting! I mean it! I've watched your TED presentation and immediately retwitted it + followed you on Twitter :)

Please keep up the good work and talk to Chris Anderson about the 2nd try :) As you know, any exception is only proving the rule :)

Thank you to you for spreading the ideas! I found them really interesting!

I watched your TED talk and went to worldchanging.com and was inspired. Great initiatives!

I've subscribed to the worldchanging newsletter, open the future facebook blog network, and twitter. Worldchanging is a really great resource.

Keep up the good work and don't worry about your TED presentation as I thought it was good! It did exactly what you probably intended it to do - it got me passionate and inspired to be part of the change to a better world :)


Jamais, you're crazy--you did just fine! Quit beating yourself up. Honestly, it was a GOOD presentation. You were engaging, and the ideas you shared were worth everyone's time and attention (including my own).

Thanks, folks. I wasn't fishing for compliments -- really! -- but I do appreciate the good words.

I'd give a more animated talk today, that's for sure.

James, you did just fine.

I gave a short TEDTalk last week - it was simulcast from Palm Springs to Long Beach. Topic was our intelligent power outlets that save energy and save lives (www.2d2c.com). I hope you saw it. Same deal - biggest talk of my life, I was nervous, had notes, and flubbed some stats at the beginning. But when I asked people about my fumble, nobody remembered. At TED, you're among supportive peers. Thanks for all that you do for this planet and its people.


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