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Grim Meathead Future

So with the (welcome) return of a Democrat to the White House, we get the (not so welcome) return of militia loons. This time around, the right wing gun clubs seem to be organizing around something called "Molon labe" (usually written in the Greek, "Μολών Λaβέ"). It means "Come and get them!", generally interpreted as "over my dead body," and comes from the supposed response of the Spartans to Persia's demand that they surrender their weapons. These guys are organizing and buying up weapons in fear that Obama's going to take their guns away (pure fantasy on their part, of course -- President O has much bigger issues to wrestle with).

The last time we had this kind of thing, we got bombings of the Olympics and federal buildings, deadly attacks on doctors and radio commentators, and myriad attempts to intimidate government officials.

This time around, we have the Iraqi resistance as a model for really engaging in some "system disruption."

Oh, goody.


This time, we are watching.

Yes, watch them. But quietly. I'd do the damnest to totally ignore them. Let them keep their assault rifles and compounds and they'll spend their time ranting at each other.

Hmmm, there is the matter of their recruiting websites. I'd do a little DNS rerouting, so people trying to access their pages instead get redirected to furry bondage snuff porn sites.

I stay on my prediction - civil war in the US, right after the lower 25-50% of population drops to a affluence level somewhere between mexico and brazil. And that should be somewhere between 2012 and no later than 2030. And when I say civil war I say, seceding states, open terrorist strikes by militia against the government, intense hatred between city and midwest/ left versus right / liberal versus fundamentalist. Yah, in some places conditions to far from what we see in Iraw now.


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