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Superstruct Meetup

Jane McG passes along...

    What will the year 2019 be like? And who will YOU be in the future?

    You’re invited to a SUPERSTRUCT PARTY & MEET-UP!

    Learn all about and try out Superstruct for yourself. It’s the world's first massively-multiplayer forecasting game!

    Monday October 20, 2008 (2019)
    4:30 PM – 6:00 PM at the Institute for the Future office

    This meet-up will be filmed for the Sundance Channel, which is doing a show about the game Superstruct

    Address: 124 University Avenue, Palo Alto, CA (across the street from the downtown Palo Alto Cal Train station) [Map: http://tinyurl.com/3m6y4h]

    FOR NEW PLAYERS: Learn how the game works, register, and complete your first mission.

    FOR EXPERIENCED PLAYERS: Meet other SEHIs, talk to the game director and scenario director about what should happen next in 2019, earn your next badge, and complete an advanced game mission.

    FOR ADVENTURERS: The meetup is followed by an optional “downtown mission”. Are you ready to take Superstruct to the real world?

    Please RSVP by Friday October 17 to jmcgonigal@iftf.org

    Due to the Ravenous Superthreat and the globally disrupted food supply chains, this party is BYOS – bring your own snack to share with others with others. (We’ll provide drinks, including bootleg champagne!)


You can make champagne out of boots?

Ah well, have fun!

Out of legs, actually. Long story.

So you can have legs, or champagne, but not both?

(oh! Zummish thought!)

Must BAWWW @ distance! Stupid California and it's lack of convenient proximity. :-)


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