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Singularity Summit 2008

singsum08.jpgSo, the official announcement for the 2008 Singularity Summit is now up, and for folks looking to get their fill of conversations about the transcendent, here's your chance to sign up. This time around, the Summit will take place on Saturday, October 25, at the Montgomery Theater in San Jose. Seating is limited to 500 attendees, so it's a bit smaller than last year (I think).

There's a bit of a usual-suspects element to the speaker list this time around, with a few Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence-associated names on the stage as always, and a mix of reasonably well-known tech pundits and lesser-known (but probably more provocative) thinkers. I do give the Singularity Institute credit for including a skeptic or two in the mix. I'm not sure if the Singularity concept is yet mainstream enough to get a really wide mix of perspectives, but I hold out hope that at some point, we'll have more non-technologists than technologists on stage at one of these.

Since I spoke last year, I won't be on stage this time around; however, I will be giving the closing keynote for the Singularity Institute/SciVestor Emerging Technologies Workshop happening at the San Jose Tech Museum on Friday, October 24. Seats are limited to 50 for this. I don't know yet what I'm going to talk about, but I suspect it will involve some mix of environmental futurism, take-responsibility encouragement, and a panoply of new terminology.


I am attending for the first time. Any idea if the current economic problems have caused a reduction in registrations to date?


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