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Heads Down, Thumbs Up

Sorry that OtF has been so quiet lately; I've been focusing on getting the scenario narratives built for Superstruct. I should have something more substantive to post this weekend.

In the meantime, here's a newly-posted article at Discover magazine's website about Superstruct, including a couple of painful quotes from yours truly. I really need to learn to be less... colorful... with my phrasing when I talk to journalists.

Oh, and the brilliant and subversive Richard Stevens -- artist behind Diesel Sweeties -- was kind enough to craft a portrait of me as the 8-Bit Futurist.


The cheeseburger is going to haunt me 'til I die.


NO ONE commented on "heads down, thumbs up"?

That was one of my all time favorite rainy day games.

I guess in other parts of the country, they have INDOOR cafeterias, so when it rains, they still go to lunch in the same place....


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