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I'm In Ur Blog, Saving Ur World


First fun tidbit of the day: the SciFi Channel's new group blog, How You Can Save the World, just launched. Contributors include heavy-hitters like Richard Branson, Michio Kaku, former CIA chief John Deutch, Esther Dyson, Dean Kamen, among many others. I'm there, too, one of the token "who the hell is this guy?" guys -- emphasis on the guys. Only two of the 19 current contributors are female; put another way, only four of the 19 aren't middle-aged or older white guys (and yes, I'm counting myself among the middle-aged group). I'll see what I can do about helping them change that mix.

My initial contribution isn't yet up, but should be soon.


This is great news.

Cool! Thanks for the heads up.

And I'd totally be interested in participating in something like that...though I'd probably be a "who the hell is this chick?" chick to a far greater degree than you consider yourself the guy version. :P


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