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Future Salon: A Greener Tomorrow -- The Video

This is the talk I gave at the Future Salon meeting in April of this year.

The video quality isn't great, and there are a couple of points where the talk jumps a few seconds (changing videotape, I suspect). Nonetheless, this was a pretty good event, and is the most complete versions of the green tomorrows story I've yet given. 95 minutes -- the presentation itself runs a little over an hour, with about 30 minutes of Q&A afterwards.

If you get a chance to watch it, let me know what you think.


Very nice presentation, you did well to include colorful anecdotes about tangential subjects such as gentrification, then threading it back to the main theme.

The ROI on efficiency is larger than most renewables at the moment, but I think the latter scenario is what's happening now. I actually did research and ran the numbers an a cheaper alternative to the Stirling engine, just this past week, and it's possible to do about $4.50/Watt installed ringing RawSolar dishes with a steam microturbine. Nanosolar would only sell their panels for less than $2/Watt is the market competition drove them lower, right now their pulling wide profit margins to finance continue manufacturing expansion, with installation it might be in the low-to-mid 2s/Watt. At California rates $2-3/Watt gives a monetary ROI higher than the EQ Yield of bonds. I anticipate a massive bull market in renewable energy soon.


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