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Mars Need Robots!

NASA's latest Mars lander, Phoenix, is scheduled to land at the north pole of Mars Sunday at around 4:30pm PDT. Unlike the Mars rovers, Phoenix is a static lander (and, as the above video simulation shows, even goes all old-school with a rocket landing system rather than the giant airbag cushions).

Plenty of links for the Areophiles out there: the Planetary Society's blog will carry updates; NASA TV will show live footage from mission control; and believe it or not, the Mars Phoenix mission has a Twitter stream.


I've made a point of avoiding the live coverage of Mars landings. I don't want to invest any hope or enthusiasm in the things until the first pictures come through.

I can't imagine how tough it must be for the folks running the show.
I hope they allow beer at mission control. Or at least put out big bowls of free chocolate.

It's down! And operational.



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