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As powerful as the images of people dealing with the immense disaster in Sichuan's 7.9 earthquake have been, none have struck me as much as this series. It was a wedding, and the photographer was starting to do his set of shots of the bride & groom.


More here. Apparently, 33 guests remain missing in the collapsed church. (Update: All 33 made it out okay.)

With every snapshot, every recording, every blog entry, we're documenting our world.


Yeah. I sent that link to a bunch of friends and family. An incredible . . . opportunity? Testimony?

Very sad, yet also eye opening. A lot of geological upheaval that week. When are we people of the Earth going to wake up and smell the future?

WTF are you talking about, George? This was a major natural disaster, but it is not like it was preventable.

Actually, Wong's site says that the 33 guests were all safe after the church collapse -- none were missing.


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