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Six Degrees

six-degrees.jpgSix Degrees is the National Geographic Television program that flew me to Colorado to talk about cheeseburger footprints while wandering around a cattle ranch and a burger joint. The show now has a time and date: Sunday, February 10 at 8PM eastern and 9PM pacific time.

I was told by the producers that my segment is included in the show, but looking at the website for the program, I'm baffled as to how something as goofy and lightweight as cheeseburgers fits in with dire scenarios of destruction and catastrophe.

I'm of two minds about the value of extreme catastrophe scenarios. On the one hand, they fall into the realm of the possible, and underscore the potential risks of not doing anything. On the other, they aren't certainties, and help to reinforce the argument that climate disruption arguments are fear-mongering. As it stands now, the website for the show doesn't help the positive case.

The site explores risk scenarios in graphic detail, but only offers as responses to these disasters a link to "Call2Recycle" (sorry, but recycling your cola cans isn't enough) and an exploration of geoengineering proposals. I'm the last person to talk about the over-use of geoengineering as a topic, but come on. No discussion on the site of redesigned cities, new models of infrastructure, ubiquitous solar power, and the myriad solution spaces that are neither token responses nor top-down climate management.

I hope the show is better than the site.


Even worse, Call2Recycle is a rechargeable battery recycling group... talk about a drop in the ocean...It will be a good night for apocaphilia though.. I can feel the frisson of schadenfreude already

That title of the book and TV show is 6 degrees, C, right? So in USA terms, it should be 10 Degrees, no? I wonder if the editors of the book cared about that? Because alot of people in the UK and USA seem confused about this. Based on the Mark Lynas book, right?


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