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The Deep Beyond

Oh, and my contribution to Blog Action Day? Simply this:


It's a picture of Saturn, taken by the Cassini probe. It's a shot of Saturn eclipsing the Sun -- a view that we could never get from Earth. Cassini was launched a decade ago, and has given us incredible science and beautiful images of our solar system's second most awe-inspiring planet. But look closely at the picture, just above the rings on the left side.


That little blue smudge visible above Saturn's ring, barely 2-3 pixels across?

That's us.

Everything we have done, every life lived, everything we are, is little more than a tiny dot. Our world is far more fragile than we might wish, but there's nothing else like it that we've yet found. We abuse it at our peril.


Best blog post ever.

Amazing photo! I love astronomy and this is great. It really makes you think about what's not so important any more once you step outside of Earth.


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