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Hear Me in Canada (and on the Interwebs)

walkandtalk.jpgSpark, a show on CBC Radio 1 and on Sirius Satellite 137 hosted by Nora Young, interviewed me last month on a variety of subjects. Part one of that interview is now available, part of the October 17 show (along with a handful of other stories). What's particularly cool about the episode is that my interview is mixed with an interview with William Gibson!

On this episode of Spark:
  • Matthew Seiler brews some do-it-yourself root beer
  • Sherry Huss on Maker Faire and the DIY movement
  • Jamais Cascio and William Gibson on smart environments and the future of the Internet
  • Journalism student Catherine Rolfsen interviews Andrew Keen [ugh --jc]and Rahaf Harfoush about the future of newspapers (more on The Future of The Future of News forum)
  • Your reactions to cell phones on airplanes
  • Nora and Tom Howell try to change traffic lights using magnets

Direct access to the MP3 here. If you want to jump directly to my section (hi Mom!), it starts six minutes and 53 seconds in.


Hey - I live in Canada and am in the midst of a William Gibson novel! What are the odds!


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