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My colleague at the Institute for the Future, David Pescovitz, stuck my face on BoingBoing in the link to the Accidental Cyborg article (yikes!), but told me about this terrific sticker made for Gareth Branwyn's hip replacement.


"Defman, defman uber alles..."

Where 'Gattaca' depicted a society stratified by genetic enhancement, this current little thread appears to be touting stratification by prosthetic enhancement. (I once read a sf novel which described just this sort of thing. Can't remember the name, though).

Oddly enough, the notion is a fraction less repellent to me than gene splicing. Maybe it's the choice involved, or maybe it just needs the Ethan Hawke treatment?

I'm proud to say that I was a fan of Jamais Cascio before his face appeared on BoingBoing! ;)

I knew Jamais before he was a cyborg!

Nyahhh, go back to the factory ya cybie scum! We don't want your kind clanking and sparking around here!

Corroboration: isn't Kylie Minogue appearing as a cyber woman in the next series of Dr. Who?

One can only hope.

We are all cyborgs and have been for centuries. If you wear shoes (foot augmentation), clothing (skin augmentation) or read books (memory augmentation), you're a cyborg.


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