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All Cheeseburger, All The Time

For those of you who (a) just can't get enough of the "cheeseburger footprint" story, (b) are curious about what my voice sounds like, or (c) have two minutes to kill, my "KQED Perspectives" piece on the cheeseburger carbon footprint played on the radio this morning, and is now available in digital media form. Enjoy.


I was serious last night, you need to work this by donning a Hamburgler costume for interviews.

Yoo can brodcast chzbrgers?


As a matter of logic and without dipping into the underlying ethics, if we're going to penalize ourselves for the methane output of beef cattle, shouldn't we award ourselves a methane "credit" for having slaughtered the estimated 60 to 100 million bison which would, if not for the efforts of humanity, be roaming about flatulating uncontrollably?

BTW, the current US cattle inventory is about 97 million, including calves. Seems to be rather a wash, does it not?

Interesting point, but I believe that one of the reasons why cattle have such abundant methane production is the feedstock we give them. It bulks them up, but makes them *really* gassy, apparently...


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