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Irony Can Be Pretty Ironic, Sometimes

John Petersen's Arlington Institute (a Washington, DC think-tank) just posted a copy of the very brief nanospam talk I gave at PopTech. Coincidentally, I'm suddenly being inundated with actual nanospam. Not in the "junk spewing from my desktop fabber" sense, but in the "junkmail extolling the virtues of nanotechnology investments" sense. Most begin:

Score with Nanotechnology!

[...] It is widely predicted that nanotechnology will be the next booming industry for our economy. Our feature is in the perfect place at the good time.

You may be getting them, too, so I won't inflict any more of the content upon you. But if spam is any kind of early indicator of how a meme moves from radical idea to commonplace jargon, nano is really on its way.


Yep. I'm getting tons of those, too.

I have been among the "lucky once" getting such spam, and it makes me wonder if we will ever be able to get rid of it.


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