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Listen to Me

RU Sirius interviewed me for his Neofiles podcast this past weekend, and the results are now available (MP3).

A couple of corrections are in order, though:

• I don't write for MSNBC (they did, however, talk about some of my writing).
• The evolution case is "Kitzmiller."
• Steve Mann's website is wearcam.org, not "wearables."

The conversation was wide-ranging, and the experience as a whole was quite fun. Thanks, RU!


Interesting talk, I enjoyed it.

I've been meaning to read Accelerando for a while, but I've mostly been in non-fiction lately (am currently reading "The Weather Makers" by Tim Flannery and "Design Like You Give a Damn" in parallel).

I'll admit when you were asked to name science fiction authors, I expected you to mention Iain M. Banks. Have you read his Culture novels? "Consider Phlebas" and "Use of Weapons" are must reads, IMO.

Here's a suggestion for a post: I'd be interested in knowing your book recommendations, both in fiction and in non-fiction.


Michael G. Richard

Thanks, Michael.

Good suggestion -- I'll take you up on that.


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