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Why Am I Doing This?

Readers (and there are a few of you out there, I've seen the server logs) who are familiar with my writing at WorldChanging may be thinking to themselves right about now, "when's he gonna start writing the kinds of stuff he used to?"

Soon. Probably.

Open the Future is a very different beast from WorldChanging. WC has a distinct revolutionary purpose: to change the minds of thousand (and, eventually, millions) of people and to open their eyes to the fact that, while the challenges are great, solutions are possible. OtF, conversely, is more evolutionary in its goals: to give me a place to explore not-fully-fleshed-out ideas, the kinds of subjects and concepts that may turn into something more important and powerful down the road. That I'm doing it in public is simultaneously a bit of exhibitionism -- after blogging at WC for two and a half years, it's now a bit difficult to think in private -- and a chance to get feedback from the clever folks who have found me here.

I do miss some of how I wrote at WC, though, and I can feel the itch to post some interesting links and (hopefully) pithy observations at any moment.


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