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Joining the Late 1990s

otf_shirt.jpgOkay, so I'm the last kid on the block to do this, and it has long been considered kind of silly... but I went ahead and set up Open the Future shirts and mugs (and a couple of other items) over at CafePress.

At the very least, I can get a new coffee mug to replace my sadly broken BBC cup.

And consider it a social experiment: I know I get a handful of readers -- is anybody interested in swag?

Or: is there a better place to create these kinds of items?

Edit: the very first comment reminds me to say: I've done a bare minimum ($1) zero mark-up on the items, so this is *not* a money-making venture on my part.


Seems like a sick abuse of your audience, but that could just be me. (Any blog that has swag gets negative marks from me, so don't feel targeted ;) If you want a buck, try IndieKarma (for various reasons). Cheers.

Actually, Corey, thank you -- that reminds me that I should add to the post that I've done the minimum ($1) mark-up on the items, so I'm definitely not in it for the money.

I don't see any problem with swag (on the other hand I've never purchased any and aren't particularly likely to).

As for markup, who cares - a few dollars here and there seems like a small price to pay given all the interesting stuff you've produced over the years...

Far superior than CafePress, IMO, is http://spreadshirt.com

Big Gav, you're making me blush -- and thanks for the tip, jkd.

Zazzle.com is worth looking into.

I kind of go with the swag remark, though. I try to be creative with t-shirts and stuff... I imagine you could come up with some cool ones. :-)

At some point in the future when I have a little time, maybe I can help you with something a bit more compelling.

thanks, Sven -- that would be much appreciated!


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