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Cheeseburger Steamroller, Redux

The final hurrah -- for the moment, at least -- of the Cheeseburger Footprint phenomenon: my full-length monologue (not really an interview when the interviewer can't get a word in edge-wise) for Treehugger. They liked it enough to want to...

Cheeseburgers on the Radio

Please read the updated and complete version of the cheeseburger footprint story, found here. The Cheeseburger Steamroller continues, as I show up on Treehugger radio (playing online and on Air America) talking about the cheeseburger footprint story. The conversation is...

Welcome, Treehuggers

My post on the carbon footprint of cheeseburgers got picked up on Treehugger, so this little site is seeing a new flurry of activity. For new visitors who recognize me as the co-founder of WorldChanging, the topics I cover...

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