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Cheeseburger Steamroller, Redux

The final hurrah -- for the moment, at least -- of the Cheeseburger Footprint phenomenon: my full-length monologue (not really an interview when the interviewer can't get a word in edge-wise) for Treehugger. They liked it enough to want to put the whole thing up.

Jamais Cascio on the Footprint of a Cheeseburger (Audio)

They even grabbed the Carbon Facts panel I hacked together last week as illustration...

Let me know what you think.


Long talk but for those who haven't been following the saga (i.e. your Pop), it was greatly informative. I liked it but as we all know, I can't get enough of the sound of your voice.

Glad you found some help from us in Sweden. I posted something about it here, http://jordnara.typepad.com/jordnra/2007/01/ostburgaren.html, and added the Backwards Hamburger film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0U7w92UW52E


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