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Open Source Flu (updated)

In case you were curious: 1 atgaaggcaa tactagtagt tctgctatat acatttgcaa ccgcaaatgc agacacatta 61 tgtataggtt atcatgcgaa caattcaaca gacactgtag acacagtact agaaaagaat 121 gtaacagtaa cacactctgt taaccttcta gaagacaagc ataacgggaa actatgcaaa 181 ctaagagggg tagccccatt gcatttgggt aaatgtaaca ttgctggctg gatcctggga 241 aatccagagt gtgaatcact ctccacagca agctcatggt cctacattgt ggaaacatct...

Monday Topsight, March 5, 2007

• Pope-Emperor Declares Victory to Washington Officialdom: Mr. Sterling gets a Washington Post opinion page platform! It's the Net vs. the 20th-century fossil order in a fight that the cybergreens are winning. Why? Because they're not about spiritual potential, human...

Things That Make Me Happy

• Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon is available, in its entirety, online, at both the Internet Archive and Google Video. As either MPEG or Flash video, of course, so it's not as good as a DVD version, but still. This is one...

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