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Tuesday Topsight, December 18, 2007

Hey there, folks out there in Internet-land -- do you find these "topsight" posts useful or interesting? I sometimes puzzle over whether the various individual entries would be better off as individual short posts, rather than as a catch-all post....

Web Heaven

Okay, this is kinda cool. I'm posting this entry via my new Nokia n800 interwebtube tablet (tubelet?). As much as I've long been fascinated by mobile devices, most tend to be better-suited to information consumption than creation. The n800 is...

Participatory Panopticon Draws Ever Closer

Just a couple of quick items on the participatory panopticon front: Life Caching has the current lead for the pronunciation-friendly name for the participatory panopticon -- and it's the term used by Waymarkr, the first public software with an explicitly...

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