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Web Heaven

n800.jpgOkay, this is kinda cool.

I'm posting this entry via my new Nokia n800 interwebtube tablet (tubelet?). As much as I've long been fascinated by mobile devices, most tend to be better-suited to information consumption than creation. The n800 is the first one I've tried that makes posting to OtF at least a reasonable option.

What makes this device particularly appealing is that it uses Linux as its OS, not Windows Mobile. It will be my first everyday Linux box.

I'm entering this post via the touch screen keyboard. It's not perfect, but it's far better for text creation than a phone's number pad. I wouldn't want to write a novel this way, but the occasional blog post won't be too bad. When I get a bluetooth keyboard to go with it, I'll be set.

What is it missing? A decent camera, for one thing. The little pop-out camera is cute, but very low rez. I'd also like to see it be able to sync with my laptop, pulling over bookmarks and contacts automatically.

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to seeing what I'll be able to do with this.


JC, assuming you're using Firefox as your browser of choice and that your n800 supports AddOns, check out Foxmarks. I can't imagine not having my bookmarks auto-synced between all my machines... That would make me crazy.

The n800 comes with a version of Opera. As far as I can find, FF isn't out yet for this system. Apparently it's not as straightforward as a simple recompile.

Those things look pretty cool.


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