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AI Yes, Zombies No

I spoke with Adam Bluestein of Inc. for about an hour a few weeks ago on a wide array of topics. The resulting article is now out: three questions. Ah, media.

Here's the last question. Of the three, it has the most interesting reply (IMO):

You've done some work in the gaming and entertainment industries. What developments are you tracking there?
The advances in artificial intelligence in gaming--with nonplayer characters behaving more and more like humans--are just incredible. Any real breakthrough in AI is going to come from gaming. In entertainment, zombies are so played out. I have a gut sense that people are getting tired of apocalyptic scenarios. I expect we'll see more TV and movies, like Star Trek, that show a world that actually looks like a good place to live.

Note that this conversation took place before the release of the trailer for the latest Star Trek movie, which appears to include lots of grim destruction of Earth cities. Again, I say: ah, media.

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