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Future of Facebook

Global Facebook ConnectionsThis past January, I participated in the Future of Facebook project, a set of interviews with various social technology thinkers (including Howard Rheingold, Kevin Kelly, Stowe Boyd, Rita King, and many others) about what the next decade might hold for the Internet giant. These interviews, conducted by Venessa Miemis and Alvis Brigis, are now being posted to YouTube, broken into short single-topic clips. My pieces are now up.

My interview got cut into 13 clips, ranging from just under a minute to just over three minutes in length. My apologies for the grainy quality of the video; the combination of the built-in camera on my iMac and Skype doesn't lend itself to crisp results.

Click into the extended entry for the 13 pieces, in order in which they were posted (which may not correspond to the order the topics came up in the interview -- I honestly don't recall.)

Here's a sample of what you'll get: my answer to the question of "what is the biggest threat to Facebook?"

Future of Facebook was a Kickstarter-funded project, raising nearly $6,737 from 98 contributors. The ultimate goal is to produce a set of full-length videos charting the possible trajectories of Facebook. Why?

This project is being assembled according to a process we’re developing called Open Foresight, which aims to serve as an updated model for harvesting collective insight, generating scenarios, and creating strategic roadmaps into the future. By combining available data, opinions from the experts, and the conventional wisdom of the crowds, we’ll be able to analyze a topic from a wide range of perspectives and viewpoints. We’ll then distill that down into a series of animation-rich videos that summarize these insights. All of the content we collect will be made available via Creative Commons SA by-cc so that it can be reused, remixed, and built upon by others.

It's an Open Source Scenarios project!

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