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Rogue Geoengineering Project Underway?

Last week, Kyle Vandercamp, an atmospheric scientist, blew the whistle on a rogue geoengineering project funded by billionaire Harrison Wyld. Vandercamp was a senior scientist at the Bluebird Lab, and managed to get ahold of some pretty damning documents laying out the extent of what the Bluebird project intends to do.

In short, Bluebird was supposed to be a research project looking at what geoengineering would entail, but Vandercamp says that they're actually looking at a near-term full-scale deployment.

Here's the Bluebird website, which apparently had to go public early because of Vandercamp's leak. This is their promo video:

Stop Bluebird is a web-driven campaign to push back against this geoengineering experiment. Documentary filmmaker Juanita Monte is helping to organize this effort, so the campaign is pretty video-focused.

Here's Monte's video summary of what just happened:

Here's Vandercamp's website, as well as the Stop Bluebird website.

Or, maybe not.

Bluebird is actually an "alternate reality game," put together by the Australian Broadcasting Company. Here's the home page for the game.

I'm pleased to say that the producers of Bluebird contacted me last year to serve as an advisor for the game, and they even had me write a few pieces for the project. If the script for the official Bluebird video above sounds familiar, it should -- I wrote it. (Ken Caldeira was another advisor, so I feel pretty confident about the science of the game.)

As with any near-term science fiction, events kept catching up with the alternate reality we were trying to create. I think the folks at ABC struck a good balance, though, and I like the storyline that they've constructed (and trust me -- what's available now is just the beginning).

It's a web-based ARG, so you don't have to be based in Australia to play. Give it a shot -- and let me know what you think!


Here is a talk on the similar idea of geo engineering by david keith on TED


Well, sink me! Is that what it's about?

Thing is, I had to actually read your post to make sure the headline was not real. :(

Meaning that tomorrow's future may be disturbingly close to yesterday's dystopian fantasy.

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