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Apparently It's Not (Updated)


Lifting my head up from my short rest & recovery to note that the first episode of "That's Impossible" -- formerly "Science Impossible" -- on the History Channel will be shown on Tuesday night at 10pm (consult your local listings). The episode concerns "invisibility cloaks," and I know for a fact that I'm in it -- apparently, I appear in the commercial for the episode (I must have said something pithy).

Unfortunately, I'll be stuck in a hotel in Atlanta, prepping for the second day of a meeting, and very likely not able to see the episode until I come home. Tell me what you think!

(Update: Caught the commercial for the show, and there I am... talking about robots. Which would be next week's show. I know that I was interviewed about "invisibility cloaks," however, so there's still a decent likelihood that I'll be in this week's show, too.

Ah, television is a fickle mistress.)


Love that the Peter Graves DVD series is called "Mission: ACCOMPLISHED."

Are you the guy demonstrating said cloak?

Well - You had two small snippets - I think they under used you. The HG Wells comment was cut off too soon. Looking forward to next week though.

And I think its funny the show precedes "Extreme Trains"

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