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Cascio's Laws of Robotics

roboticlaws.pngThat's the title of the talk I'm giving this Sunday (March 22) at the "Bay Area Artificial Intelligence Meetup Group" meeting-up that's meeting in Menlo Park (the one that's next to Palo Alto). The subtitle is "Building Intelligence in an Uncertain World."

Most of the conversations we have about the potential for powerful machine intelligence focus on the technological aspects. Jamais Cascio, senior fellow at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, wants us to think about the social aspects, too. What kinds of legal, ethical, and cultural drivers will shape how we develop intelligent systems? How can we make AI a tool for resilience in a rapidly-changing economic, political, and ecological environment?

The meeting appears to be free, and (as of Thursday night) there are still seats available. Come by and say hi, call me names, or ask impertinent questions!

And what are those laws? I'll let you know once I come up with them.

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